Miss Marigold by Julie Holder

Our little muse, our whole heart

It's no surprise my new muse is our Marigold.  This little beam of light has brought more joy to our lives than we ever thought possible, and I cannot believe she is 6 months old!!  How did that happen so quickly?  Every little smile, giggle, cry, new movement and skill, every single one of those things lives inside my heart.  We have taken so many photos of her (an insane amount of photos), but looking back through them, I see the little changes...when her nose got a little different, when the dimples above her mouth changed, when her smile got bigger and more silly, the shirts and onesies that used to swallow her that are now too tight.  She went from a newborn to a laughing giggle machine who makes babbling stories up all day and has a million expressions that I am actually beginning to understand. She looks deep into our eyes and listens when we speak, and she explores everything endlessly!  The feeling of her holding onto me while she eats and sleeps and we walk together is a feeling I miss after she goes to bed.  She's the deepest part of everything that is good, and watching her grow and learn and become more and more thoughtful with those beautiful eyes is the most wonderful thing I've ever witnessed.  I am so grateful for these photos that document every little step of the way.  (there's so many more)  Maybe another post about organizing those millions of photos of your little one should go on the to do list.  Here's our greatest hits so far...Love you little Goldie Byrd!!

First Timers: Marfa, Texas by Julie Holder

This month, we got to be a part of 'Cherry On Top,' a female empowerment retreat in Marfa, Texas, and it was such a beautiful weekend.  The Saint George hotel in Marfa is a fun little oasis, and they were gracious enough to host our workshops, lectures and pop up art market.  Not only did we get to surround ourselves with strong female artists and business owners, but I spent my birthday with my husband and my baby roaming the desert and taking photos, aka, my happy place.

Waiting for our little Byrd... by Julie Holder

Here we are, 40 weeks on our official 'due date.'  You have this day in your mind the entire time.  In the beginning, it seems so far away, and then, around 7 months, you blink, and you're 40 weeks.  A woman in my yoga class told me, when I was about 5 months along, that it is the fastest and slowest process ever.  She's right, that's exactly how it is.  Different everyday, feeling surreal at some points, completely normal at others, expectations met and still questions to be answered each day.  Baby kicks and movements feel out of this world and alien-like and yet exactly how you would expect them to be at the same time.

Bo and I realized in the midst of a very crazy several months, a move, work, life, pregnancy we had not really stopped to document this ever growing and changing bump. So, early one morning, we took some time and shot photos of our little growing girl, and I'm so happy we did.  Thank you to my sweet husband @wbp for taking these.  We can't wait to meet you little one!

Big Sur Is Magical by Julie Holder

By far one of our favorite spots in the US!  We're going through photos and updating the print shoppe, and these are giving us a serious case of wanderlust.  Contact us for Big Sur print inquiries and Big Sur design templates.  We visited in foggy February and got to roam the landscape free of crowds watching the mist rise throughout the day.  I can't wait to return!

Floating in Linens and Ombres in Upstate, NY. by Julie Holder

On a recent trip to Upstate, NY, my insanely creative friend Abel Macias taught us how to make hand dyed linens using the most lovely dyes from Shabd.  The little mistakes turned into the most gorgeous ombre pinks and faded peaches, and now our table in Brooklyn is piled high with sunset hues for Fall.  Here is a peek at our arts and crafts day spent getting our hands dirty and playing with garden hoses.

Journey to the ViΓ±ales Valley, Cuba by Julie Holder

205 KM from Havana lies the ViΓ±ales Valley.  Here, we met the family behind the Montesino Ranch, where they have been growing and drying tobacco for generations and making hand rolled Cuban cigars.  Their hospitality is so genuine and their cigars, perfect.