Waiting for our little Byrd... / by Julie Holder

Here we are, 40 weeks on our official 'due date.'  You have this day in your mind the entire time.  In the beginning, it seems so far away, and then, around 7 months, you blink, and you're 40 weeks.  A woman in my yoga class told me, when I was about 5 months along, that it is the fastest and slowest process ever.  She's right, that's exactly how it is.  Different everyday, feeling surreal at some points, completely normal at others, expectations met and still questions to be answered each day.  Baby kicks and movements feel out of this world and alien-like and yet exactly how you would expect them to be at the same time.

Bo and I realized in the midst of a very crazy several months, a move, work, life, pregnancy we had not really stopped to document this ever growing and changing bump. So, early one morning, we took some time and shot photos of our little growing girl, and I'm so happy we did.  Thank you to my sweet husband @wbp for taking these.  We can't wait to meet you little one!